F r a n c e s c a P a t r ó n

Director. Instructor. Storyteller.

There are millions of stories waiting to be told

And each story has the potential to change our future. Stories reflect the truth back to ourselves. They give us courage to explore, to be curious, to be brave.

Let me tell yours.

I deconstruct or heighten reality in order to visualize stories that haven’t been manifested yet. I create an atmosphere from inception to performance where each voice is honored, heard, and explored. I approach the work as an explorer and innovator - I want to find something undiscovered.

I love to make stylized, immersive, multidisciplinary pieces that change, challenge and heal us. As a classically trained storyteller and eight years experience working in the arts, I understand story and know how to unite a diverse group of artists and audience together for a unique, shared experience.

A bit about what I do

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Selected Live Theater, Devised Theater, & Virtual Theater

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Got a story you want to come to life? Need an acting coach who can help you get out of your head and into your body? Reach out and let me know what you have in mind.

Los Angeles, CA