Oleanna by David Mamet

About the project

Oleanna is a fascinating play that attempts to create an anti-sexist exploration of power and victimhood, and yet infamously fails to do so.

All too often in theatre, our beloved classics exist in tension... they are both beautiful, and inherently oppressive in its treatment of minority communities.

As a director, I am fascinated with dichotomy - merging two separate entities together in order to find an entirely new meaning. I believe this approach doesn't shy away from the reality of our history, but instead finds ways to think critically about how our history shapes our future.

I love modernizing classics; honoring the original intent of a piece, while exploring problematic systems of belief that still so often plague our stages today. With that in mind, I have taken Oleanna and put an emphasis on sexism and sexual harassment, rather than focusing on power and gender in itself.

Currently in fundraising. Check back for important casting information and show dates.

watch actors Allen Barstow and Lauren Byrd workshop a scene from the play.

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