About Me...

I feel most myself when using my creativity and ingenuity to grow, innovate, and problem-solve. I often daydream about how I can improve the systems surrounding me and constantly ask myself how I might make something better. I love to play, experiment and try new things; whether in life, onstage or on screen. I thrive working in service of a larger vision and I love to do that with a team.

I love theatre, live events, and getting everyone in a room together for a shared experience. I grew up with a big family and like to make experiencing theatre feel a little bit like family, too. There is a special magic that happens with live performance, and I am here. for. it.

I also love to coach! I take a holistic, individualized approach with all my students, focusing in on your unique strengths and weaknesses as an actor. I have been helping people find and effectively communicate their story for years, whether in class, during a one-on-one session, or by story consulting.

Possibility and progress are the ways I approach the world.

My Directorial Approach


I fully believe in the power of ensemble. I started my career out as an actor and know first-hand how frustrating it was to feel like my artistic voice didn't matter to the director's overall vision. I believe that a vision only gets stronger when shared, and "pride" myself on creating an atmosphere of humility. I love when artists ask hard questions and explore impulse, and I love finding the answer together.


I love to make detailed, specific, thoughtful decisions around my world-building. Anything and everything should be a visual story, a metaphor continuing to support the overall theme of the piece. I love creating worlds that look and feel different than our own, and am artistically fascinated with the world the story inhabits. I believe it is my job as a director to create a fully realised world that is immersive, multidisciplinary, and tangible. I love blurring the line between audience and artist, and aim to create an inhabitable world for the audience, from the lobby to the curtain call. Overall, I want to see a more experiential approach to theatre and strive to do that with each piece I create.


I believe each story we tell has the power to change and heal the culture. As artists, I believe it is our duty to be at the forefront of justice and inclusion, and that this begins with representation. I am passionate about making more equitable practices for artists, so that representation happens both on the stage in the kinds of stories we choose to tell, and off stage in our HR policies, casting offices, and writers' room.


My years in fast-paced production has taught me that execution is everything. I believe that excellence is the key to credibility, and is the tool we must use in order to communicate effectively. I have strong admiration for work ethic and discipline, and believe that in order to break the rules, you have to know the rules.

I begin each piece with extensive research and spend a generous amount of rehearsal time doing table work.

My Services

Instructing & Coaching
Story Consulting

I am a professor specializing in Movement (Suzuki, Viewpoints, and breath work.) I also teach storytelling workshops to help you learn how to share your story publicly.

I work with clients one one one for auditions, on-set coaching, and embodied awareness. Did a year+ on zoom make you forget how to fully embody a character? You're not alone! I can help you get out of your head and back into your body.

Have a story that's almost there? Need some help landing the plane? I have assisted screenwriters, authors, and producers on helping to communicate their story in the most effective way.

My first consultation is always free and the work can often be done virtually.

Do you have a concept? A script? A play? Want to find a way to bring it to life?

Are you ready to shoot a music video? A lyric video? A dance? Reach out. Let's talk!

My Experience

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